Provocation Pods

We currently have more than 70 curious and irresistible ‘provocation pods’ for member settings to choose from. You can browse a selection of pods below. Click on the links for more details.

You can download a pdf of our catalogue of all the pods here: WoS Provocation Pod Catalogue.


Pod 6 Shoes

Pod 6 – Shoes

A variety of shoes but only one of each!
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Pod 55 – Buttons

An irresistible collection of buttons in an old paella pan along with a scoop, jars, and an ornamental shoe
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Pod 34 – Snake charmer’s basket

A random collection of objects including rope, washing machine pipes and serviette rings!
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Pod 50 Locks and Stocks

Pod 50 – Locks

An intriguing collection of diverse metal objects including door handles, hinges, locks, keys, nuts, bolts and other bits and pieces...
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Pod 3 – Springs

What on earth could a group of children do with a box of springs? You would be amazed!
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Pod 41 Suitcase

Pod 41 – Suitcase

A collection of seemingly unrelated items including a mask, mirrors, a sailor’s hat, a tea pot, a handbag in the...
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Pod 9 Birdcage

Pod 9 – Bird Cage

We have three cages at the centre and these often generate a lot of excitement and curiosity
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Pod 37 Shiny stuff

Pod 37 – Shiny Objects

An irresistible mix of recognisable and mysterious objects that provoke children to question and play with ideas
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Pod 30 Rope

Pod 31 – Rope

A long coil of rope from a harbour-side in its own wheel barrow to facilitate transportation!
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Pod 20 outdoors

Pod 20 – Metal Objects

A gorgeous collection that includes heavy chains, a brass elephant, a few springs, some keys and an old tap
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